The College has earned an enviable reputation in teaching and research in the Sciences as well as in the Humanities. Students have a wide range of subjects to choose from at the undergraduate level in Science.

There is an increasing interaction with industry through the Computer Science, Electronic Science, and Chemistry Departments. In keeping with the UGC policy on vocational education, Fergusson College has, over the past decade, begun undergraduate degree courses in Still Photography, Electronic Equipment and Maintenance, Bio-technology, Microbiology, and Environmental Science. These courses are in great demand and offer good career opportunities.

F. Y. B. Sc.

Rules regarding choice of subjects A Student shall offer a combination of FOUR subjects from the following. Vocational Biotechnology (VBT), Botany (B), Chemistry (C), Electronics (E), Geology (G), Mathematics(M), Photography (Ph), Electronic Equipment Maintenance (Em), Physics (P), Statistics (S), Zoology (Z), Microbiology (Mic.), Environmental Science (En Sc.)

Each subject (except Mathematics) will have 2 theory courses' and one practical course. For Mathematics there will be 3 theory courses. Microbiology and Environmental Science and Vocational courses viz. Photography, Electronic Equipment Maintenance and Voc. Bio-technology are on a non-grant basis.

  1. 30 Seats in photography are available in specific group combinations indicated below.
  2. 30 seats for EEM are available to those students who have already been admitted to F. Y.B.Sc. with electronics as one subject, Based on a merit list of students opting for the course.
  3. Admission to the 30 seats for Bio-technology are on the basis of marks obtained in HSC examinations in related subjects.
The following combinations are available at F. Y. B. Sc.:


S. Y. B. Sc.

Rules regarding choice of subjects at S. Y. B. Sc.:

A student shall offer a combination of THREE subjects out of the four taken in F. Y. B. Sc. In addition the student will have to opt for one language course in English / Marathi /Hindi / Sanskrit.

The following combinations are available at S. Y. B. Sc.:
PCM, PCG, C BG, PMG, PME, BZG, CGS, CMS, PMSt, CZSt, PPhE, PPhM, CBZ, PMS, PCS, CZSt, BZSt, CBSt, PPhC , PE.Em., CB Mic, CZ Mic, BZ Mic. M E Em.(Note :- In above list 'St' stands for: (Statistical Techniques)

S.Y.B.Sc. Students will have to do a compulsory Environmental Awareness course as per the directive of the Supreme Court. And as per Pune University directives the fees for this course are Rs. 200/-

T. Y. B. Sc.

Choice of subjects at T. Y. B. Sc. : A student shall offer any ONE Science subject out of those offered by him in the S. Y. B.Sc. Each Subject course shall consist of 6 theory and 3 practical papers. Mathematics will have 9 theory papers. Statistical techniques cannot be offered at T.Y.B.Sc. Vocational subjects are linked with the following subjects.
  • Biotechnology withBotany or Chemistry or Zoology (depending on seats available)
  • Electronic equipment maintenance with Electronic Science,
  • Photography with Physics.

A particular combination of subjects at the F.Y / S. Y. / T. Y. will be allowed if it fits within the Govt. rules of teaching work load and if it can be accommodated in the college time table. The college re­serves it's right to withdraw (or to add) any subject combination given above without any prior intimation.