Central Office

Balwant College, central office, is situated in heart of the city with necessary infrastructure for the departments of all the faculties.A proper care is taken to provide basic amenities for the students & the staff members. The facilities are as follows….


swimming pool


Independent conference hall with necessary facilities for different activities of the departments.            

Computer Lab

Computer labs with modern technology in spacious hall


Features of Canteen –

  • Fresh menus every time.
  • Lunch cum breakfast also available.
  • Meese facility for needy students.
  • Pure drinking water facility.
  • Self service for students.
  • Use branded refined oil.
  • Separate seating arrangement for girls and boys.
  • Time – 8.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.


Boys & Girls’ hostel with facility of Solar system, rooms with beds, canteen, T.V., Study Room with news papers.