Felicitation of Daughter's Parent at Balwant college Vita.
NCC Cadet Participated in RD Parade at Rajpath Delhi
Ti Fulrani Program at Balwant College Vita With presence of Hon Shriniwas Patil (Ex Governor Sikkim)
Exhibition of Wild Vegetables and recipe
Department of Zoology Alumni Meet 2019 20
Wild Life Week Celebration 2019-20
Teachers Day Celebration at Zoology Department
Wisdom Wizards talk - Hon. Naseeruddin Shah
NCC Cadets selected in Defense
Tate & Talk with Mr. Nitesh Karale
National Online Seminar on “Recent Trends in Materials Research” Organized By Department of Physics
Department of Physics, Balwant College Vita and Shivaji University Kolhapur Organise One Day Online
NET/SET Guidance Workshop Organised By Department of Physics
"Dr. Nanasaheb Thorat" International Level Webinar Date 12/7/2021, By Department of Physics
"Dr. Sambhaji Shinde" International Level Webinar Date 13/7/2021, By Department of Physics
Dr. Mayur Gaikawad International Level Webinar Series Date 14/7/2021, By Department of Physics
Industry Academia Meet 21-22
5:18 / 2:42:51 “NET, SET preparation and Career opportunities in Physics” 14 May 2022
National Webinar "Stellar Evolution & Astronomy-Pathway towards Professional & Amateur Astronomer "
Department of Physics organizes One day Online National Workshop on "Research Communications"
Department of Physics Organizes one day Workshop on "Experimental Physics" under lead college activi
Department of Physics Organizes one day National Webinar on the occasion of Women's Day - Competitiv
Botany - Preparation of Cookies from Opuntia cochnillifera
Trade Fair 2022 organized by Department of Commerce and Management
National Voter Day
8th International Yoga Day
Hands-on Training on ERP Registrati