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Department of economics has established on 1963 with the establishment of college. The economics department has started the under-graduate courses from establishment at grantable basis and also the department started post-graduate courses from year 2010 at non-grant basis. This department runs various activities –Planning commission forum, Banking guidance, share market live telecast etc.

The faculty of this department is well qualified and optimistic about the student’s carrier. Faculty engages in research activities. They give their efforts to make rational and sparkling life of students. Department takes care of overall development of students and encourages them to participate in curricular activities such as debating competition, wall paper writing, quiz competition. The Department has a good collection of books in the central library as well as in departmental library. In 2018-19, department has organized one day workshop on “Research Methodology in Economics”.


1. To acquaint students with the concepts of micro economics dealing with Consumer behavior.
2. To introduce the students to the Indian Economy.
3. To Provide New concepts and current Knowledge of Economics.
4. To Study of Economic Policy and its impacts.

Course Outcome

1. The students should be able to apply tools of consumer behavior and firm Theory to business    situation.
2. Students got knowledge structural changes in Indian Economy.
3. The Expectation is that successful students demonstrate knowledge of terms  Concepts, problem solving skills, and strong understanding of policies
    as they  Relate to as economics.
4. Students have able to demonstrate ability to analyze an economic situation involving an issue of social responsibility, and defend or critique a course
    of action.
5. Students have able to formulate and defend a monetary or fiscal strategy that would produce desired outcomes.

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