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Balwant College is established in1963 but for the foundation of English Department, College awaited till 1968-69. Under the leadership of then head Prof.S.L.Parab, his two colleagues Prof. L.P.Jadhav and Prof. S.Y.Yadav brought about the momentum to the department. Later on, to this date, many dedicated teachers like Prof.M.A.Shaikh, Dr.A.A.Kadam Prof. Kokil, Prof. Rasakar, Prof. Jangam and many others did remarkable contribution to the department. Principal S.D.Bhor, himself a renowned teacher in English; realizing the importance of the language, intensified on the quality change. The post graduate department was started in 1993.
Today, the department offers the language and literature programs for UG and PG students. However, adhering to the vision of UGC, focus on quality is given through Active Learning Process. Participative Methods of teaching and learning are adopted. The department seeks every opportunity to disseminate knowledge to its students and at the same time tries to meet the satisfaction quotient of all the stakeholders through various interactive activities. As our mission statement is: ab ovo… that is from the egg we move…spread the wings to the horizons ahead …look down the world… learn, grow and evolve!!


To empower the English language and literature learners.

We, the department of English, emphasize on
Student centered Activities thinking that they are the users of the language…we try to transform the monotonous classroom learning into vibrant experiences to be shared with other class fellows and the teachers… We groom them to find their worth…!! Not only to learn the language to underline their different identity but to make them understand the power… opportunities… Avenues… waiting ahead…

If they master the language, English…!!!

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