About Department

About Department


1. Teaching, research and extension program in the Indian History in the context of world history.
2. To acquaint students with Indian ethos along with a critical understanding of Indian Society, Economy and Culture.
3. To empower student to cope with challenges of Globalization.
4. To establish a center for Historical Studies, Research and Cultural heritage in near future.
5. To criticize the current issues and events with morally by the students.
6. To aware about new trends in the contest of Indian as well as world. 
7. To study objectively about Socio-Eco-Political movements and civil society activities in India and Maharashtra.

Course Outcome

1. Students inculcated knowledge of Indian History, as well as History of Maharashtra.
2. Students also knew about Brief History of World.
3. Students inculcated knowledge about Preservation and Conservation of Heritage Sites.
4. Students acquired knowledge which will be helpful for competitive examinations.
5. Students empowered to research in History.

Program Specific outcome

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