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The Department of Mathematics at Balwant College, Vita was started in academic year 1975. The faculty members are recognized as leaders in their fields well and qualified. With an excellent record of generating undergraduate and post graduate students,
With a dedicated staff and facilities, department of Mathematics is an excellent place to work. Department having well equipped laboratory, Wi-Fi facility, etc


1.  To help the Students upgrade educational qualification, for academic achievements in the process of lifelong education.
2.  To develop education as a lifelong activity so that the individual can refresh his/her knowledge or can acquire knowledge in new areas

Course Outcome

1. Students  are able to apply Mathematics in real life.
2. Students  are able to upgrade educational qualification.
3. Students  are able to achieve higher positions in society.
4. Students  are able to explain why Mathematical thinking is valuable in daily life.

Program Specific outcome

1. The production of knowledgeable students in the Mathematics professions.
2. The knowledge of students very beneficial to searching job opportunity into companies as well as some competitive examinations.

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