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The Department of Microbiology was established in 2016.The Department was launched B.Sc.-I course in June 2016 and B.Sc. II course in sept2017 under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The B.Sc. III course was launched in June 2018.
The Department of Microbiology actively participated in written Quiz competition (B.Sc.-I, B.Sc.-II, B.Sc.-III, ),The Department Carried out many student centered activities like seminars, Projects, Advance and Slow Learners Batch for B.Sc.-I, B.Sc.-II.  B.Sc.-III.
The department has one laboratories with The Department has its own Student Library in which various books of microbiology are available.
Presently in Department four CHB Assistant Professors are working. The Department has an excellent record of academic results. Now-a-days, Use of Microbiology is becoming more interdisciplinary in nature, deriving its strength from various fields of research and applications. Department is trying to contribute to the development of this subject by innovative teaching - learning with various research activities.


1. Laptops are used to doing a practical’s.
2. To making academic projects, seminars.for B.Sc II and B.ScIII students
3. Online libraries and other websites allow students to download whole books  online
4. A student can take notes in class, type up assignments, share notes.
5. Digital classroom enables students to watch video clips relating to actual syllabus.
6. Measures  to  be  adopted  to  enhance  bench  skills  of  students,  project work, summer training & industrial training (department wise); No. of beneficiaries in each. Departments adopt the measure to the skills of students like project work, Seminars, Written Quiz competition, Oral Quiz competition, Group discussion
7. Measures  to  be  undertaken  to  upgrade  skills  of  faculty  by  participation  in  faculty improvement programme. Departmental faculty participates in various faculty improvement programmes such as seminars, workshops, conferences.         
8. Involvement of visiting faculty (details of lecture & practical to be covered in each department )  Department has organized a visiting lectures by faculty of various fields to guideline the various sectors like government, private and public.

Course Outcome

Program Specific outcome

Services , Instruments & Collaboration

Services offered

•    The Department has one Well-equipped laboratories.
•    The department well equipped with various instrument like laminar air flow, Incubator, hot air oven, centrifugation, calorimeter. Rotary shekar. 
•    A good number of books available in the college library.
•    In addition to college Library, the Department has its own Student Library in which various books of Microbiology are available

Student Progression


Year: 2018-19

1.Pawar P.A &A.A shinde 2018 study the Antimicrobial activity of pimenta dioica plant against pathogenic organism International Journal of research &Analytical Review(ijar) Accepted.
2.A.A Shinde& Pawar.P.A 2018 Optimization of natural subtract for xylnase using Aspergillus Nigar as fermenting organism International Journal of Research & Analytical Review(ijar) Accepted.
3.  Shinde P.S.Effect of carbon sources on production of Exopolysacchride of    Haloalkaliphillic Archaeon  Natrialba Wudunaouensis SSBJUP-5 Isolated from  Lonar Lake




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