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The department of Statistics was established in 1977. The department was launched B. Sc.-I course in June 1977 and B. Sc.-II course in June 1978 under Shivaji University, Kolhapur. The B. Sc.-III course was launched in June 2016 and also M. Sc. in 2021.
The department currently offers courses B. Sc.-I, B. Sc.-II, B. Sc.-III and M. Sc. The department also offers various Interdisciplinary courses like B. Com-II, BCS-I, BBA-II. The department actively participated in written Quiz competition for above courses except BBA II, Oral Statistics Quiz and Two-Day Residential Statistics Camp for B. Sc.-II & B. Sc.-III. organized by Shivaji University Statistics Teachers Association (SUSTA).  The department carried out many student centric activities like Seminars, Projects, Advance and Slow Learners Batch.
Many alumni of this department are currently working in all over India. The department has two well-equipped laboratories having 29 laptops, 2 projectors and 50 scientific calculators. The department has Student’s Library with various books of Statistics.
Presently, two permanent and five CHB Assistant Professors are working in department. The Department has an excellent record of academic results. Now-a-days, Use of Statistics is becoming more interdisciplinary in nature, deriving its strength from various fields of research and applications. Department is trying to contribute to the development of this subject by innovative teaching - learning with various research activities.


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